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Those planning to take a trip to Cape Town in the near future; make reservations now for top class accomodation catering for up to 4 people. Prices are based on room and not on the number of occupants.(Please note: If you are going to make reservations for December and January, it would be advisable if you book well in advance)

1. Penthouse in Sea Point for R500 a day (accomodates 4) with minimum of 1 week stay.

2. Loft in Sea Point for R200 a day (can accomodate 2-minimum 4 days)with min. Stay of 1 week.

Fully Booked for Major Holidays, except 3 weeks in November

3. Flat in Somerset West at R500 a day (with use of car up to 1000km a week). Deposit required.

Fully Booked Until June 2000

All have self catering and top class accomodation, sea views, showers and other amenities not often available in many holiday hotels. Bookings can be made by sending a message to me at sabsy@mweb.co.za, or as per instructions at the sites highlighted.


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