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This is to help those who do not speak Xhosa as their 1st language. Suggestions on how to improve and increase content are welcomed and encouraged. As you can tell, this page is still under construction and will remain so until everyone is able to say there is a limit to any language.

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Lesson 1- Pronounciation Guidelines

Lesson 2-Pronouns and Verbs

Lesson 3-Adjactives and Plurals

Lesson 4-Sentence Structures

Lesson 5-Expressions and Idioms

Lesson 6-Vocabulary

Lesson 6b-Xhosa for Tourists (More Vocabulary)

Lesson 7-Poetry

Other Useful Sites

Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika

Umhlobo wakho Wenene

English to Xhosa Translator

Xhosa to English Translator


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