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To buy CDs, consider utilizing the above link which will place you directly at a CD store with thousands of titles of artists of every genre. Do not forget to tell them where you saw it.


Those planning to take a trip to Cape Town in the near future; make reservations now for top class accomodation catering for up to 4 people. Prices are based on room and not on the number of occupants.

1. Penthouse in Sea Point for R8000 a month (accomodates 4) or part thereof.

2. Loft in Sea Point for R2500 a month (can accomodate 2-minimum 4 days) or part thereof.

3. Flat in Somerset West at R500 a week (with use of car up to 1000km a week). Deposit required.

All have self catering and top class accomodation, sea views, showers and other amenities not often available in many holiday hotels. Bookings can be made by sending a message to me at sabsy@mweb.co.za, or as per instructions at the sites highlighted.

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