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I was born in 1969 in Cape Town . I grew up in the Western and Eastern Cape before starting school in the Transkei in 1975. I spent my 1st 6-7 years of primary school at Nqabara Junior Secondary in Willowvale (Gatyane). My final 2 years of High School were both done at St John's College in Umtata (the former capital of the former Transkei- now in the Eastern Cape). The other schools I went to include; UMboya J.S.S (Willowvale/Gatyane), Inxu J.S.S (Tsolo- Northwest of Umtata), iNtywenka J.S.S (Tsolo) and Daliwonga Senior Secondary{Cofimvaba--approx. 20km East of Queenstown and West of Umtata} (Standard 5 to 8).

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My 1st fulltime employment was with Standard Bank in Hillbrow in 1989. I later requested a transfer to Epping Industria in Cape Town. Spent most of my time as a Ledger Clerk and later as a Teller and Communications Officer (whatever that meant), but upward mobility was restricted. So, decided to further my studies.

I spent 3 years (from August 1991-August 1994) doing my Bachelors in Business Administration (major-Accounting). For 3 months during this period, I had a 3 month internship at Ernst & Young in Cape Town (June-August 1993). Upon graduation, I had another 3 month internship with J.O Mitchell, CPA in Houston (Texas)

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I successfully completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program at Loyola University in New Orleans in May 1997. I am presently employed as a Management Consultant PricewaterhouseCoopers in Cape Town. My duties include professional business advisory services.

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I am single, non-smoker, non-drinker and do not use drugs. I play tennis and other sports. I enjoy debating and travelling. My intended main focus is strategic management and strategic marketing,  while HR, general management and Finance are fields I have interest and competency in.

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